Specialist & Commercial Finance

Securing a mortgage on a commercial property 

Specialist & Commercial Finance

We will refer you to a Specialist & Commercial Finance Expert

Commercial Mortgages for businesses seeking to purchase or refinance their own trading premises.

Whether buying new property or refinancing outstanding debt, we can help clients at every step. 

We will refer you to a trusted Specialist & Commercial Finance Expert who will outline the most suitable terms available from lenders across the whole of market, then manage the application process from enquiry to full credit sanction and through to completion.

Commercial mortgages are available to a variety of applicant types such as individuals, partnerships, limited companies, trusts, pension schemes, complicated and layered company structures, including situations where the property is owned by or to be purchased in the name of the directors and rented to their business

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Commercial Property Investment

Whether you are looking to finance or refinance a single property or a portfolio, including Shopping Centres, Industrial or Office Parks, we have a solution to meet just about every need.

A variety of applicant types can be accommodated including individuals either solely or in partnership (UK and overseas residents) also limited companies and trusts (UK and offshore).

Bridging & Short Term Finance

There is sometimes confusion across the terms ‘Bridging’ and ‘Short Term Finance’ which in reality are essentially the same thing i.e. funding designed to get a borrower from where they are now to where they want to be in a short space of time…


Do you sell goods and services to other businesses? Having made a sale do you then have to wait for up to 90 days for payment?

Invoice Finance can release up to 95% of funds tied up in invoices, with money released to you within 24 hours.

At a time when many banks won’t provide funding, Invoice Finance can provide a much needed cashflow injection. This is usually by way of a permanent facility with an agreed credit limit, however raising funds against a single invoice with no requirement for a long term contract is becoming increasingly popular.

We do not provide advice in this area. But if you are interested in receiving advice in bridging finance / commercial mortgages, get in touch and we can refer your contact details to a specialist third party for this advice

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